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  1. A way in which something can be viewed by the mind.

The rules have changed..

While it has long been taught in the traditional world of design that form follows function, we´ve learned that the web demands a slightly different approach. With the birth of this new media, comes the need for form and function to work together as one cohesive unit to create the seemless presentation of information. In the past, design was limited to conventional methods of presentation such as print media or television, and naturally the principles of design were created with those forms of communication in mind. The problem? Print media and television are both unidirectional forms of communication, a one way street if you will. However, with the birth of the information superhighway, came user interactivity...

Many new challenges come along with user interactivity. This new found freedom places control in the hands of the audience, the designer no longer has the luxury of leading the audience down a predetermined path. The web demands flexibility and freedom of choice, and its viewers have grown accustomed to instant gratification. Each new page brings limitless possibilities; if your users are confronted with any question of content validity or faced with navigational inadequecy, they will be gone in an instant.

Identity Creation

Never before has there been a cheaper, more effective way of creating an identity for your business. The internet offers your company a doorway to the world, no longer is your customer market limited by geographical constraints or shortreaching local advertising campains.

Alter Ego has the tools required to build your online identity quickly and effectively. Our experienced designers work hand in hand with knowledgable programmers to ensure that your site has perfect form and flawless function.

Got products to sell?

E-Commerce has revolutionized the world market and is an ever evolving entity. Times are changing and if your customers aren´t able to find your product on the web, they´ll surely be able to find your competitors´.

Spreading the word..

Just as there is no business without customers, a website is useless without visitors. Merely marketing a site can be a daunting task. We take the frustration out of the process by leveraging our unique standing with an affiliated network of sites to implement your advertising campaign.

Finding a home

As well as creating your identity, Alter Ego also offers hosting services for your site. For more info on hosting please check the hosting section of our site. [more]
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