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  1. Authoritative and complete. -- de·fin'i·tive·ly adv.

Americas Soiless Farming Company

Americas Soiless Farming is devoted to providing hydroponics equipment for small home gardens up to the largest commercial facilities in the world. ASF is a dual function site, not only does it take on the role of a content site by informing visitors of the latest growing methods, but it also provides its customers with over 2,000 products via ecommerce.

Alter Ego began working with Americas Soiless Farming Company in the very early stages of its life. We developed all aspects of their online presence, from logo creation, look & feel, and usability, to ecommerce, and content management.

One of the unique aspects of ASF is that users are able to choose between four different site designs, allowing them the opportunity to browse the sites content in the format that fits their personal tastes best. is a communications technology site developed to keep power users and online gamers informed about the latest trends in broadband data transfer services. With such a specialized no-nonsence audience in mind, we had to create a subtle yet memorable design that was both lightning fast and easily navigable.

Another factor to be considered was user friendly site administration. Because of the large volume of regular content updates required to keep the site current, it was quickly evident that a site administration utility was essential. Alter Ego's talented programmers created a database driven backend that would allow content creators to update the site via browser based administration utility at any time and from any place. [more]
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